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Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Improve Your Overall Well-Being And Prevent Risk Of Chronic Disease With Supplements! 😀

Hey Everyone! Welcome to ChiroDynamic’s 4th blog post.

One of the five pillars of health is SUPPLEMENTS!!! 🤗

Our body need certain vitamins and minerals to increase our wellness and prevent us from developing chronic diseases and disorders. They are essential to our muscles, bones, joints, internal organs, and vascular system. It is important for us to have daily intake of these vitamins and minerals. We often don’t have the time or resources to get all them in our diet, therefore, we recommend you take daily supplements which contain the key essential vitamins and minerals. We recommend you take the follow supplements.

1. Multi-Vitamin- (1/day) Contains multiple essential vitamins and minerals. Improves memory, well-being, alertness; reduce risk of cancer; improve bone health; reduce birth defects; increase energy and neurological functions; relax the body; increase immune functions; improve sleep; and reduce stress.

2. Omega 3 Fish Oil w/ EPA & DHA- (1200mg/day)- Lower blood pressure; slow artery plaque build-up; reduce abnormal heart rhythm reduce risk of heart attach and stroke; and reduce risk of heart disease.

3. Calcium- (1000mg/day) Build and maintain strong bone; prevent osteoporosis and fractures; regulate muscle contractions; regulate fat; decrease risk of kidney stone.

4. Vitamin D3- (2000IU/day) reduce risk of multiple sclerosis; decrease risk of heart disease; reduce risk of cold and flu; reduce anxiety & depression; help calcium absorption; reduce risk of cancer.

5. Magnesium- (400mg/day) prevent bone disease, prevent cardiovascular disease; prevent diabetes; help calcium absorption; improve bone health; prevent & relieve migraine; relieve anxiety.

6. Vitamin C – (400mg/day) help collagen formation; wound healing; repair and maintain cartilage, bone and teeth; provide antioxidant for health conditions such as cold, heart, and lung diseases, and boost immunity.

7. B-Complex– (1/day) improve brain, muscles, growth & development, eyes, skin health, stress & sex hormone, immunity, digestion, hair growth, and nervous system; reduce birth defect

*Benefits & dosage came front research articles and various online resource. For further information or clarification, please contact ChiroDynamic.

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